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May 22, 2012
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Fall of the Pegasi: Fallout Equestria - commission by alfa995 Fall of the Pegasi: Fallout Equestria - commission by alfa995
Commission for :iconcolgatefim:

Loss - Grand Pegasus Enclave

This commission was not like the others. Instead of drawing a scene from scratch, based on a description, I was given a pencil drawing and my work was just the inking and coloring (both done in Flash). I adjusted the price accordingly.

For the original pencil drawing, go here: [link]

And may remember this pony from a previous animated commission:

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right through the cutie mark !
that little filly does not look like she got her cutiemark....and still going to an awful combat zone that's never right but good artwork
rayray12k Aug 26, 2013
We came to your world.........we were only one of the things that brought darkness and disorder to your home.......

We are to blame mostly for.......all of these.....

We should have never........come to your world.
rayray12k Jul 11, 2013
"We gave the warning. We told them not to go to war. We told them to flee to safety with us. We told them to warn the other nations as well of coming darkness. However, they did not listen and instead went against us. They slaughter many of our people in the tunnels and captured the others. Due to this, we choose to abandon Equestria and the other nations and freed our people. This time, their fate is now their own. The warning has been given."

- An unknown humanoid who claims to be a member of the Society of Mutated Humans.
Resistance Fall of Man??? O.o
This picture is just great. Oh man this really makes you feel it.

I love the formations of the pegasi and the boding background. Well done!
this would make a good side story
ColgateFIM Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It will be a side story
and that's why that power armor design is terrible
ColgateFIM Jul 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The Enclave power armour is a partially sealed suit of non-porous ballistic cloth that provides kinetic and environmental protection, reinforced by lightweight composite ceramic plates in areas that either don't need to flex or require additional coverage, such as the chest and head. When the armor is hit by directed energy weapons, the plates boil away or ablate rather than burning the wearer.

The helmet provides housing for the suits microframe computer. This computer assist the wearer with a number of things. It helps control the scorpion tail attatchment, it provides a friend-or-foe recognition system as well as giving you information on weather conditions and other useful data for increased accuracy.

The last level of defence is a completely sealed suit with exception for the head of black kevlar weave, although this is intended more for shrapnel than actual small arms fire. Also the wires from the microframe computer goes through this suit to other locations inside the armour, mainly the scorpion tail attatchment.


The hindlegs are only protected by military grade kevlar weave, which does NOT stop small arms fire, it is intended for shrapnel. This design was created with logic in mind, because if we add armour plating to the hindlegs, the pegasus would become too rear-heavy which would impact their flight capabilities. An aviator wants to be as light as possible, they are already somewhat front-heavy because that the majority of the ceramic armour plating is covering their chest and lungs.
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